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Virtual Portfolio


Below are some of our Favor Designs. For more design ideas, link to our huge collection of custom and personalized favors in Pinterest or Facebook 

 DaSweetZpot Smore favors DaSweetZpot Carved in Love jam wedding favors  DaSweetZpot Silver Wedding Anniversary Dipping Oil favors 
 DaSweetZpot Vintage Valentine BBQ Favors  DaSweetZpot Paper Picado Salsa Wedding Favors  DaSweetZpot Summer family Reunion Limoncello favors
 DaSweetZpot Baby First Birthday Gold Fish favors  DaSweetZpot Peacock Dipping Oil wedding favors  DaSweetZpot Day of the ead Hot Sauce Wedding Favors
 DaSweetZpot Shabby Chic Sweet Sixteen jam favors  DaSweetZpot Mickey Birthday Boy Birthday Party gumball favors  DaSweetZpot Birthday Jam Favors
 DaSweetZpot Butterfly Cocktail Shots Wedding favors  DaSweetZpot Bridal Shower Pink Zebra jam favors  DaSweetZpot Milestone Birthday Jam favors
 DaSweetZpot Fall Theme wedding favors  DaSweetZpot Rustic Farmers Market jam wedding favors  DaSweetZpot vintage greetings from wisconsin wedding favors
 DaSweetZpot SMores Wedding Favor  DaSweetZpot Bridal Fiesta Black Salsa favors  DaSweetZpot Little Mermaid Girl Birthday favors
 DaSweetZpot baby Shower favors  DaSweetZpot Carved in Love honey favors  DaSweetZpot Baby First Birthday Jam Favors
 DaSweetZpot Birthday Jam favors  DaSweetZpot Fundraiser Thank you favor  DaSweetZpot Panda Trail Mix favors
 DaSweetZpot Dia de los Muertos Hot Sauce favors  DaSweetZpot Family Reunion Hot Sauce Favors  DaSweetZpot Birthday Gumball Favor
 DaSweetZpot Mr and Mrs Skeleton Hot Sauce favors  DaSweetZpot Poinsettia Cranberry favors  DaSweetZpot Thin Mint Cocoa Wedding Favor
DaSweetZpot Quinceanera Jam Favors DaSweetZpot Summer Camp SMore favors DaSweetZpot Rainbow jam wedding favors
DaSweetZpot Retro Baby Girl Candy favors DaSweetZpot Retirement BBQ Sauce favors DaSweetZpot Rustic Jam Favors
DaSweetZpot Smores Favor Bridal Shower DaSweeZpot SMore fun with Baby Boy favors DaSweetZpot Baby Diapers Smore Favors
DaSweetZpot Vintage Shabby Chic Jam favors DaSweetZpot Texas Little Bride Honey Favors DaSweetZpot Rockabilly Hot Sauce wedding favors